Restaurant, fast food/quick-service, bars and dining halls



As one of our clients says “success in the restaurant game is as much about saving money as it is about making money.” Restaurants can get a lot of benefits out of a smart approach to cash advance. Our clients have used their funds to modernize POS systems, add kitchen equipment, remodel dining rooms, and kickstart advertising campaigns. 

With a merchant cash advance, restaurants often borrow against their future receipts to buy refrigerators, stoves, and prep tables designed to expand menu offerings while keeping food fresh longer. Purchasing more efficient checkout and ordering systems makes existing staff more efficient and reduces training time. Using funds to modernize the bar area is a common way to extract more profitability and reduce overage costs.

funding details
  • Industry: Restaurant
  • Amount borrowed: $140,000
  • Usage: Remodeling, advertising, equipment upgrades