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“I couldn’t get a loan at the bank without waiting six weeks” said one retailer, “and I would have been out of business without fresh capital.” Small and medium sized retailers often find themselves competing with big box stores and discount outlets. To compete, they need to get creative or fill a niche.

“I used an advance to buy out stock from a neighboring clothing seller who fell on hard times,” said the store owner. “We were able to turn around our business and now we are planning to open another store.”

One of the key advantages to merchant cash advances is fast funding. The second advantage is that money is paid back through future credit card sales, so your store isn’t stuck with another fixed monthly bill. Store owners have the ability to purchase inventory, fix cash flow problems, remodel their shops, and hire seasonal help.

  • Industry: Clothing store
  • Amount borrowed: $70,000
  • Usage: Inventory purchasing, remodeling, staffing, future expansion