service industry

Construction, architect, general contractor and other professional trades


Project description

“I won a bid on a big roofing job and needed to get materials and workers right away,” said one client. “A bank loan would have put me past the deadline. Kaloot got me funded so I could get the job done.”

Kaloot can keep your service-based business competitive and give it an edge against the competition. Whether you’re providing child card services, health care, financial services, or river rafting, you know that sometimes you need a positive cash flow to thrive. Merchant cash advance services from Kaloot provide the dollars for advertising, tools, raw materials, and employees which make your business possible. Pest control, plumbing, landscaping, and electrical services can all tap into the flexible payment options offered by Kaloot.

funding details
  • Industry: Roofing & Construction
  • Amount Borrowed: $57,800
  • Usage: Extra staffing, materials purchase